Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reef Worlds designs new website

Resort artificial reef design
Reef Worlds designs and builds incredible, art inspired, artificial reef tourism sites for resort hotels. Near shore reef loss is a global problem affecting your bottom line as guests travel further afield to snorkel and dive on the world's last pristine reefs. 

Do you own a 5 star waterfront resort with a two star declining near shore reef zone? We can help you revitalize those underperforming tourism zones, you have acres of potential revenue development on your resort property. 

Our world class design team reimagines your resort waterfront with artificial reefs as monetized underwater playgrounds, offering the best of artificial reef habitat and structure with bespoke design that your clients will be thrilled to discover and explore. 

We offer artificial reef design you control, habitat we renew, giving your property a new lease on the acres of waterfront you have never considered as viable space before. 

Your voyage into art inspired reefs has begun, what's your vision?

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